start your own anxiety group
Solid Motives Matter Before you start your own anxiety group you must have solid motives for doing so. The initial reason I started my own group back in March 2017 was because the closest group was near Manchester. I wanted […]

Start Your Own Anxiety Group

January is a hard time for everyone so I am hoping to have two events. The first meeting will be at Hive cafe at 11am on Saturday 12th January. Come along to our January meeting for a friendly chat about […]

The Mid January Meeting

The Christmas December Meeting
The Christmas December Meeting will be at Hive. Please join us for coffee and a friendly chat. Anyone suffering from anxiety is welcome.

The Christmas December Meeting

I thought it would be a good time to have an in-between November meeting, post Halloween, with all the social obligations that Halloween brings. We’ll be talking about any worries and brainstorm some self care solutions. As always, talking about […]

In-between Early November meeting

It’s nearly Halloween!! The October meeting will be at our new favourite coffee shop. Chatting about anxiety and food?

The October Meeting

We had a break over August with holiday season but we’re back. Come join us for a coffee and a chat at Hive. A brand new coffee shop in town which has a delicious menu too.

September Meeting at Hive